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Patient Support Services at the CNRC

The CNRC provides a variety of important services related to the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses. These services use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and the latest treatment options.

Our onsite clinics serve to support local primary health-care activities and build a patient database. Work with local carer groups, charities and GPs have established our status in the community as a leader in clinical trial activity.

Second Opinion Clinic
While great strides are being made in the treatment of patients with mental health disorders, the CNRC aims to support doctors and mental health teams with those patients who battle to reach a stable and functional level.
The CNRC provides a second opinion on assessment, diagnosis, treatment and patient management, as well as advising on pharmacological and augmentation recommendations. The service is available to GPs, mental health teams, consultant psychiatrists and patients, and is free of charge.

Memory Clinic

The clinic represents the CNRC’s commitment to the early detection and intervention into disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. A significant part of research at the centre is focused on understanding and searching for treatments for dementia.

As memory complaints are one of the earliest presenting symptoms in patients who develop Alzheimer’s disease, the clinic will provide the patient and health professionals with a facility to evaluate memory problems with a diagnosis for future management. The person’s cognition is screened using a series of tests. A team of specialist doctors, psychologists and nurses carry these out. The clinic welcomes referrals from GPs and is open to the public.
While there is no cure at present for Alzheimer’s or for Mild Cognitive Impairment, participants who are screened at the clinic will be offered the opportunity to participate in trials for new treatments as well as being given mental exercises to address their memory problems.

Click here for a memory clinic information sheet