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Clinical Trials at the CNRC

The clinical team, headed by Professor Tonmoy Sharma, have expertise in conducting studies relating to CNS disorders. Their experience covers the management and co-ordination of multiple studies involving MREC, LREC and IEC applications, subject recruitment initiatives and study promotion.

Members of Prof. Sharma’s team at the CNRC are trained according to ICH GCP.

The team includes research scientists and psychologists, consultant psychiatrists, physicians, psychophysiologists, research nurses, communication specialists and administrative support staff.

Each study has a project manager working with a clinical team who take the trial from conception to completion. This means that sponsors have a consistent point of contact, who ensures that timings, patient enrolment, clear lines of communication, accountability and continuity are guaranteed throughout a trial.

The Centre’s focus on quality assurance ensures the highest standard of operating with the Centre’s own SOPs. Working practices are reviewed continuously in order to ensure a constant, consistent improvement in client service levels.

The expertise, structure and organisation of the Centre and its activities is dedicated to managing successful trials in all CNS areas.