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Cogtest plc announces the release of a new, fully automated battery of neurocognitive assessment instruments that are able to run in a Windows 2000 environment. Developed by an international team of leading experts in brain function, with its offices in the UK and US, Cogtest is being used in more than 300 centres across the globe.

Tonmoy Sharma, Chief Executive and Head of Development for Cogtest plc says: “Advances in drug development for central nervous system (CNS) disorders including dementia and schizophrenia are occurring at a breathtaking pace. Neurocognitive function - how our thoughts, memory and plans for action work - is a leading indicator of how our brain works. Being able to identify and measure specific deficits early is crucial for those involved in the development of treatments for many disorders that affect our thoughts and actions.”

Cogtest developed this instrument specifically to provide precision, efficiency, and security for neurocognitive assessments in phase I to phase IV clinical trials. Cogtest presents to the pharmaceutical industry and clinical community a clear commitment to meeting the changing needs of clinical trials, drug development and clinical assessments.

In the current complex regulatory environment, Cogtest is able to provide the state of the art tools to assess brain function that satisfy the regulators. Cogtest is also being seen as a solution for early diagnosis of dementia – resulting in early intervention and more positive outcomes for the patient.

Cogtest for Windows 2000 has been re-engineered to run on the most secure and stable Windows operating system currently available.

Cogtest is probably the only neurocognitive testing battery to achieve all
of the following criteria:

· Operation on a standard Intel-based hardware platform
· Operation on a widely-available secure Windows operating system
· Compliancy with current Food and Drug Administration recommendations
· Complete electronic data capture
· Real-time monitoring of data worldwide via a standard web-browser interface
· Easily integrated with other electronic data capture systems
· Wide range of tests readily available in most languages
· Comprehensive training and support packages

For more information, contact:
Linda Berkowitz, Communications Manager Cogtest plc UK Tel: + 44 (0) 1322 286 862 Mob + 44 (0) 7990 927 910