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About the CNRC

The Clinical Neuroscience Research Centre (CNRC) is an independent research centre dedicated to the study of CNS disorders. We provide a comprehensive service to the pharmaceutical industry and clinical research organisations.

The CNRC was opened in September 2001. It moved to its Dartford offices in December 2002. Director of the CNRC is Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, a consultant psychiatrist and one of the leading researchers in Europe in psychosis and memory.

The CNRC conducts high quality studies for the pharmaceutical industry. These include clinical trials from phase 1 to IV in all aspects of CNS. Since opening, the Centre has completed a number of clinical trials and is fast becoming seen as a centre of excellence for research into all areas of CNS disorders.

The CNRC provides a variety of important services related to the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses. These services use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and the latest treatment options.

Our onsite clinics serve to support local primary health-care activities and build a patient database. Work with local carer groups, charities and GPs have established our status in the community as a leader in clinical trial activity.

We aim to publicise our research goals and results as widely as possible and provide the public and clinical community with updated information on current findings, diagnosis and treatments.
The CNRC plays a major role in disseminating accurate information and raising public awareness on mental illness

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