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Clifford Hayes is 42. He is married with a son of 9 months. He has lived with an anxiety disorder since he was 17 years old. He believes that the death of his father triggered the onset of his mental illness.

“The first time I attended the CNRC was last year for a study on memory which involved being scanned using fMRI. I was interested in finding out how the medication worked on specific parts of the brain. It was then that I started talking to Prof. Sharma about doing my own personal research on this study and my illness. I am now preparing a presentation for the Mind Annual Conference in March 2004.
This will be my own personal view on whether the medication improves brain function. I came to the conclusion that the medication improved my short-term memory, but had little effect on my long-term memory.

I have since participated in another trial at the CNRC along similar lines. My cognition was tested using the Cogtest battery and I found this quite interesting.”